Thursday, November 16, 2006

Tomorrow Cannot Come Soon Enough

Tomorrow we go to Germany, and Joshua and I are very excited, as are my brother and my mother and father.

We will have a wonderful trip, I am sure, and the only thing I regret is that we will not be able to spend Thanksgiving with my other brother and his family. We will be thinking about them the entire time, however, and looking forward to a long holiday visit with them over the Christmas and New Year holidays, when the entire family will be together for almost two weeks in Minnesota. I cannot wait.

There will be three family events to note while we are in Germany, and we will mark them in passing, but we will not engage in any major celebrations: my parents' wedding anniversary, Josh's birthday and my birthday. Since the entire trip will be one great celebration, it seems unnecessary to make a special fuss about anything else. We probably will just make an effort to enjoy very nice dinners on those three evenings.

Josh and my brother and I will room together throughout the trip, and it will almost be like old times--I have traveled to Europe with both of my brothers many times before, and we always enjoyed the most splendid times together. Now Josh will get to enjoy traveling in Europe with one brother and me, and he will quickly learn that we are deeply serious in our explorations of foreign lands as we pal around, walking and looking and studying (and eating). We will be running ourselves ragged from early morning until late at night, and I cannot wait. I know Josh will have a ball.

My brother and I will have a ball, too, and so will our parents. It will be a great family vacation. Tomorrow afternoon, when Josh and I and my parents head to the airport to meet up with my brother, cannot come soon enough.

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