Saturday, October 28, 2006

Great Company

My middle brother will be 29 years old in January.

He is 6'2", and he has blonde hair and blue eyes, too. He drives girls crazy, as he is exceedingly handsome.

He was always interested in science, and he attended the engineering school at Iowa State University in Ames, only four hours South of the Twin Cities. Consequently, he is a Cyclones fan, the only Cyclones fan in the family.

After graduating from Iowa State, he went to Colorado to get an advanced engineering degree, and he remained in Colorado after completing his studies, accepting a job with an engineering firm in Denver.

My middle brother has taken up skiing, the only one of us with any skill on the slopes. He loves to ski, and I fear that his love for skiing may be keeping him in Denver. I want him to move back to Minneapolis, and so do my parents, and we are working on him. He comes home for a few days every couple of months, but that is not enough for us--we wish that we could see him all the time.

He has an incredibly sweet disposition, which he gets from my mother, and he is more of a listener than a talker, but he is great company.

When I was in law school, he and I would spend an hour, late at night, every night, instant messaging each other. After I met Joshua, our nightly IM conversations started to drop off, and my brother sensed, correctly, that I had met someone--and he alerted the rest of the family. My brother even figured out who I had met, and he told my father that it had to be the son of my father's law school classmate--the very guy that my father had insisted, as a courtesy to him, that I call.

My brother is a very smart guy!

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